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On the 27th of July 2010 the Cooperative Bank VisAndes in Salcedo officially opened its doors. We were happy to have special guests, such as the Swiss Delegation, in attendance. Some of these guests are strategic partners of our institution.

The opening speech was held by our president Mrs Dra Mercedes Gallardo. Afterwards, the managing director Ing Luis Rubio took the parole. He presented a short summary of the projects and then continued on with a public presentation of the bank itself. Last but not least, Peter Schmid, official ambassador of VisAndes and his deputy in Switzerland held a short speech in order to complete the information and to introduce the Swiss assistance.

Picture: Peter Schmid from Visandes Suiza

It was Thomas Bieri of the Alternative Bank Switzerland (ABS) who cut the ribbon and the Priest of the Canton who inaugurated the Banks Installations. 

The Guests then had the pleasure to listen to the musical presentation from the band of Salcedo and other musical acts. Furthermore, a traditional Children's' Dance group from Saquisili performed.

It was a very emotional event, full of laughter and expectation for a splendid future. VisAndes would like to contribute an important part to the future of this community.